Mental Health experts urge those struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts to reach out for help

Mental Health experts urging those struggling with Depression & Suicidal thoughts to reach out

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The isolation and uncertainty, along with all of the trauma that comes with Covid-19, medical professionals say, has caused an increase in anxiety and depression.

Dr. Patrick Runnels, Chief Medical Officer, Population Health - Behavioral Health at University Hospitals, told 19 News many are still dealing with mental health issues because of the Pandemic’s longevity.

“Lots of people are coming in with suicide thoughts; we know they are struggling with that,” he said.

There are many ways Runnels says that you can cope with major depression.

The first step is as simple as taking a social media break.

“People can get overwhelmed by the stress and negativity that they are seeing, so detaching from that and taking time outs can be really, really helpful,” Runnels said.

He also encourages staying active, which can play a significant role in battling the emptiness.

If you feel like there’s no way out, Runnels wants you to know that help is out there.

“We have a mobile crisis number in Cuyahoga county people can call that, and there are actually a lot of options for people that are uninsured to go get psychotherapy and get treatment by a psychiatrist, counseling, and medication are available broadly,” he said.

Cuyahoga County Crisis Phone Number: 216-623-6888

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