Grammy award-winning artist Yolanda Adams excited for Sunday’s Cleveland-area concert

The concert is Sunday, Dec. 19 in Warrensville Heights
Gospel music artist Yolanda Adams spoke one-on-one with 19 News about her upcoming visit to...
Gospel music artist Yolanda Adams spoke one-on-one with 19 News about her upcoming visit to Cleveland for a holiday concert.(Cavor Entertainment)
Published: Dec. 17, 2021 at 11:07 AM EST
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WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Gospel music artist Yolanda Adams, a four-time Grammy winner, is coming to Warrensville Heights on Sunday, Dec. 19 for a holiday concert featuring national recording artists and saxophonist Andre Cavor.

The Holiday Gospel Concert is at the Cleveland Marriott East.

Adams’ music and faith resonate with so many fans worldwide.

Some of the proceeds are going to benefit Cleveland-area families most impacted by COVID-19, which has impacted everyone.

The Holiday Gospel Concert featuring Grammy award-winning artist Yolanda Adams and national recording artist and saxophonist Andre Cavor.

“I just want people to feel, ‘Oh, OK, so I’m normal. I’m not crazy. This was difficult,’” Adams said. “But thank God, we’ve made it through.”

Adams said pre-pandemic, she made a yearly visit to Cleveland.

“I love the spirit of Cleveland, the neighborliness of Cleveland. Everyone is so kind and they enjoy the music,” she said.

The concert, being put on by Cavor Entertainment, is personal. Cavor’s father-in-law died in April after contracting COVID-19.

Adams didn’t hesitate when asked to do the concert.

“I know that there are families who couldn’t see their loved ones when they were hospitalized. (Or they were) in some type of home to protect the rest of the house from COVID. I get that. I understand that,” Adams said. “I’ve lost so many friends and so many relatives to this variant and virus and all of the stuff that we’ve endured.”

Adams first album, “Just As I Am,” debuted in 1988. She has more than 200 songs to her name.

“Do you have a favorite song? I know that’s like an impossible question,” 19 News This Morning anchor Damon Maloney asked. “But are there at least a couple favorites that you’re like, ‘That’s my jam?’”

“It’s so hard because you know, I’m a singer songwriter. So all of the songs that I have written have a special place in my heart, because they were all pinned at a time of either great joy, or great decision, or a you know, great loss,” Adams said.

She said the song Fragile Heart came about after the death of her road manager due to a “really bad accident.”

“I wanted it to be the kind of song that someone who had lost someone could hear, you know, the passion, but also know that it’s going to be okay,” Adams said. “If I am up in the mornings doing my runs, which I usually do, it’s Victory. Those things that’ll get me motivated and pumped to seize the day.”

Adams graduated with a degree in radio and television broadcasting from Texas Southern University. It happens to be the same school rapper Megan Thee Stallion recently graduated from.

Yolanda Adams shares something with rapper Megan Thee Stallion. They both graduated from Texas Southern Univeristy.

Before her singing career launched, Adams taught second and third graders.

“All subjects,” Adams said. “I loved it. I love the kids. I love the fact that they are little sponges that will take up all the information that you give them. And they will excel if you believe in them.”

As a teen, she modeled.

“It wasn’t Paris or anything like that. But the one thing that modeling did teach me is poise and presence,” Adams said.


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