CW43 Focus

‘Project 400: Our Lived Experience’ narrates slavery and African-American experience in US

The year 2019 marks the 400th anniversary of Africans being brought to America and being made slaves.

  Esteemed Hispanic leaders in Cleveland discuss importance of the census and immigration on CW 43 Focus

Immigration and the census are two important issues affecting all of us.

  CW 43 Focus: What Red Cross means to communities

  Citizens urged to serve on Cleveland Community Police Commission to help hold department accountable

It was mandated that officers undergo additional training following a federal consent decree because the Cleveland Division of Police was found to have used excessive force, including deadly force.

  CW 43 Focus: Brawl for a Cause

  100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland reaching out to mentor Northeast Ohio’s youth

Members of a group of successful African-American men say many of today’s black youth is getting a bad wrap because they are not getting the time, attention and guidance they deserve.

  Board recommends drug test strip that detects fentanyl following spike in Ohio overdose deaths

While they don’t condone drug use, ADAMHS is providing drug test strips.