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  Woman hit by car in Cleveland that goes airborne, lands in tree-lined embankment

Cleveland officers and firefighters responded to a car accident Friday morning involving a car that hit a woman, went airborne and landed in a tree-lined embankment.

  Sunny Side Up: Taking your pet to the grave?

  Sunny Side Up: More test time for wealthy students?

  Sunny Side Up: Judge rules parents has rights to deceased son’s sperm

  Sunny Side Up: Generous billionaire pledges to pay off student debt for entire Morehouse class

  Sunny Side Up: Parents bullying the bullies?

  Sunny Side Up: Have you heard about the Honda that just turned over 1 million miles?

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  Sunny Side Up: Avon schools to put seat belts on school buses

  Sunny Side Up: Author facing backlash after shaming on social media

Lee Road re-opened in Cleveland Heights after fallen tree brought down wires

Sunny Side Up: OH school eliminating valedictorian honor says it’s bad for mental health

  Sunny Side Up: RI school serving jelly sandwiches to students who can’t pay for lunch

Sunny Side Up: Future of ridesharing in question as Lyft, Uber drivers strike

  Parma’s 30-year-old pit bull ban ‘unofficially’ upheld by 21 votes, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan maintains strong primary lead: Ohio Election Day 2019

Ohioans headed to the polls Tuesday, May 7 to vote on a number of issues important in their communities.

  Sunny Side Up: Parma to vote on pitbull ban Tuesday

Should pit bulls be banned?

  Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition pushing council to take action on protection efforts

The Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition will go before the Cleveland City Council’s Health and Human Services Committee Monday at 9:30 a.m.

  Sunny Side Up: Veteran principal allegedly fired after taking military leave

'One can only conclude that I was dismissed due to my military service.' Demro said.

  Sunny Side Up: Ohio student banned from high school prom after his racist ‘promposal’ sparks outrage

  Ohio appellate court rules lost embryos were not living persons

  ’Race to Empower’ Comes to University Circle

  Cuyahoga County Jail employees appear in court on serious charges

  Sunny Side Up: New York mayor giving inmates free calls from behind bars

Akron to begin multi-million dollar residential street resurfacing project

  Sunny Side Up: Are these store scanners an invasion of privacy?

The cameras are able to guess your age as well as your mood

  Sunny Side Up: How long do you wait to post spoilers?

The “Avengers” finale, destroyed the box office with a record $1.2B opening over the weekend.

Sunny Side Up: Terminated by a robot supervisor? The future is now for Amazon warehouse workers

QOTD: Should robots be able to fire employees without a real person overseeing it?

  Sunny Side Up: OH lawmakers considering increased penalties for attacking referees

QOTD: Should it be a felony charge to assault a referee?

  Sunny Side Up: After the sudden death of Ricky Adams, what happens to GoFundMe money?

A GoFundMe campaign set up in Adams’ named already raised over $40,000 and now his family is raising money again, this time for his funeral.

  Shooting, police chase that ended at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo started with a fight over social media

New video shows Cleveland police on a wild chase and search for suspects who ran onto zoo property earlier this month.

  Mother involved in Amber Alert case in Warren says original complaint was ‘a whole bunch of lies’

Warren's Law Director says many times victims of violence change their stories out of fear

  Suspect captured after triple shooting that left 2 dead on Cleveland’s West Side

Cleveland Police are investigating a shooting on W. 25th St. near Barber Avenue. One person is dead. Three others went to the hospital for treatment.

Sunny Side Up: Happy Earth Day

What do you do to stay green?

Sunny Side Up: Time to fill those Easter baskets

What is your favorite Easter candy?

Sunny Side Up: The Mueller report is coming

The redacted Mueller report is expected to be released by noon.

  Sunny Side Up: Time’s 100 Most Influential People 2019

Who do you think should be on the list?

Sunny Side Up: Would you work 9-9-6 job schedule?

Alibaba founder Jack Ma endorses China's controversial "996" work culture -- working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day, six days a week.

  SEIU Local 1 janitors want $15 an hour, holding rally in downtown Cleveland today

SEIU Local 1 janitors are fighting for a $15 an hour wage. Tuesday afternoon they're holding a rally in downtown Cleveland.

Sunny Side Up: A Texas high school sent this mother home because of her outfit

Jocelyn Lewis was wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt dress and a head scarf attempting to register her child for classes at Madison High School.

  Sunny Side Up: Louisiana high school seniors banned from graduation after senior prank goes awry

QOTD: Did the school go too far?

  Sunny Side Up: Arming teachers to protect students?

QOTD: Should schools in NE Ohio follow suit and do the same?

  Sunny Side Up: Walmart betting big on robot workforce

Walmart tested it at 360 stores before deciding to roll it out to an additional 1,500 locations.

Sunny Side Up: Quicken Loans Arena to be renamed ‘Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse’, per report

What should the nickname be?

  Cleveland City Council considering push to bring back electric scooters

The proposal comes with a number of changes.

  Krandel Lee Newton, the original butt sketch artist draws the other side of Cleveland

Newton has been "doin' butts" for over 30 years and is widely recognized for his craft.

  Sunny Side Up: Cuyahoga County may ban use of non-recyclable bags in stores

Cuyahoga County may ban non-recyclable plastic bags

Commuter Cast for Monday, April 8

The Commuter Cast airs each weekday morning after 7 a.m.

  18-wheeler crashes on I-76 in Akron

An 18-wheeler crashed early Monday morning on I-76 in Akron.

Sunny Side Up: Mom facing 60 days in jail after her 3-year-old relieves himself in gas station parking lot

QOTD: Did the deputy go too far in punishing this mother?

  Sunny Side Up: Four Young Brothers Taking the Catering World by Storm

They run a business selling cookies, cakes and other foods across the country and they aren’t even teenagers yet.The Yummy Brothers came to the Sunny Side Up studio to show us how the cookie crumbles.

Sunny Side Up: More women accuse Joe Biden of inappropriate touching

QOTD: Are you thinking twice before hugging co-workers at the office?

  Driver runs into construction equipment on Dead Man’s Curve, trapping worker

A driver crashed into a construction zone on I-90 WB at Dead Man's Curve early Thursday morning.

Sunny Side Up: Does this April Fools’ Day prank go too far?

Singer Justin Bieber is apologizing for a prank that suggested his wife Hailey was pregnant--she’s not.

  Cleveland Metroparks Zoo secured after suspects jump fence to evade police

Cleveland Police are searching for two men who fled from the scene of a chase that ended in a crash.

  Sunny Side Up: Are rising healthcare cost hurting your wallet?

Americans borrowed $88B to pay for healthcare last year.

  Ohio man charged with assaulting teen rape suspect to appear in court

Richard Adams is facing assault charges for attacking a teen rape suspect last month inside an Eastlake home.

Sunny Side Up: Should Ohio allow sports betting?

“Sunny Side Up” is a daily morning talk show that airs on CBS-Cleveland 19 News featuring Wake Up Cleveland’s Neeha Curtis and Julian Glover.

  Sunny Side Up: SWAT team breaks down door to take unvaccinated child with fever to hospital

Parents refused to take the child. Did police go too far?

Sunny Side Up: A child’s right to privacy

Should kids have a say when it comes to what pictures and videos their parents post of them online?

Sunny Side Up: Charges dropped against Jussie Smollett

QOTD: Should the actor get his job back on “Empire”?

Sunny Side Up: Northeast Ohio raising smoking age due to popularity of e-cigarettes

The city followed behind Cleveland and Akron thanks in part to the popularity of e-cigarettes.

  2 Cleveland students win $5,000 for civic pitch to improve interactions at school

Karson Baldwin and Israel Kambomba recently secure $5,000 to expand their “One Respe” vision.

  Sunny Side Up: Smoking in cars with kids could become a crime in Ohio

Should smoking with kids in the car be banned?

  Funeral for Cleveland man killed by hit and run driver being held today

Camilo Gabriel Sr. was struck in a crosswalk on W. 25th St. while walking to a doctor’s appointment.

Sunny Side Up: The dark side of Family YouTube channels

QOTD: Should parents be allowed to make money of their kids’ images?

Sunny Side Up: What does Justice for Aniya look like?

Sierra Day and Deonte Lewis will be sentenced on Wednesday.

  Sunny Side Up: Are ‘snowplow parents’ hurting more than helping?

"Snowplow parents have it backward. The point is to prepare the kid for the road, instead of preparing the road for the kid.”

  Clevelanders play Beto O’Rourke ‘name game’ ahead of Northeast Ohio campaign stop

Beto O’Rourke is one of the latest Democrats to officially join the 2020 Race. He's scheduled to be in Cleveland Monday. We asked Clevelanders to play the name game.

’That’s So Cleveland’ bracket: What represents ‘The Land’ the best?

Our That’s So Cleveland Bracket lets you crown what is the “most Cleveland.

Sunny Side Up: Animal abuse or doing the right thing?

Should the owner of the pig and dog who left the animals tied up for four hours outside of the Tuscarawas Humane Society be charged?

  Sunny Side Up: Fallout from the college admissions cheating scheme continues

Should the kids be punished for the wrongdoing of their parents?

Sunny Side Up: OBJ to the CLE

How many games do you have the Browns winning this season?

  Sunny Side Up: Does it matter how much someone spends on a ring?

Surprisingly millennials are spending less on their spouses.

IHOP offering free pancakes Tuesday, March 12

The promotion is in an effort to help children battling critical illnesses.

  Groups holding rally, demanding major change on one-year anniversary of Aniya Day-Garrett’s murder

Several community groups will rally outside the Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters in Cleveland.

  Sunny Side Up: Should we get rid of Daylight Saving Time?

Do you need that hour back?

  Hear from the journalists covering the Aniya Day-Garrett murder trial in Cleveland

Have you been following the case?

Sunny Side Up: R. Kelly’s explosive new interview with CBS’ Gale King

“Sunny Side Up” is a daily morning talk show that airs on CBS-Cleveland 19 News.

  Former Cleveland Police officer involved in Tamir Rice shooting wants second chance

An appeal was filed for former officer Timothy Loehmann, who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice on November 22, 2014.

  Sunny Side Up: How do you feel when someone corrects your grammar?

We know from firsthand experience how annoying the grammar police can be.

  Sunny Side Up: Proposed law in Wisconsin would fine parents for children who bully

Is it fair to hold parents financially responsible for children who bully?

  Sunny Side Up: Utah bill would allow drivers to run red lights under certain circumstances

Good idea or bad idea?