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Commuter Cast for Thursday, Sept. 19

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  Sunny Side Up: Should Ohio schools consider banning chocolate milk?

Commuter Cast for Tuesday, Sept. 17

  Sunny Side Up: Will the UAW strike do more harm than good?

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Commuter Cast for Friday, Sept. 13

  Sunny Side Up: Do you support the President’s proposed ban on flavored vapes?

Commuter Cast for Thursday, Sept. 12

Commuter Cast for Wednesday, Sept. 11

Sunny Side Up: Should a court decide custody when parents decide to stop their child’s medical treatment?

A 4-year-old boy was ordered to stay with his grandparents after his parents stopped his chemotherapy treatments.

  Commuter Cast for Tuesday, Sept. 9

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Commuter Cast: Construction closures in effect Monday night

The Commuter Cast airs each weekday morning after 7 a.m.

Sunny Side Up: What do you think is the reason for the decline in the marriage rate?

Commuter Cast for Friday, Sept. 6

Sunny Side Up: One Democratic candidate wants to provide a universal basic income

Commuter Cast for Thursday, Sept. 5

Sunny Side Up: Would you use Facebook without the likes?

  Cleveland Mayor’s great-grandson appears in court on weapons charges (new video)

RTA red line trains back to normal after mechanical issues in Cleveland

There is a 20 minute delay in both directions.

Commuter Cast: Drivers hit the roads early to start holiday weekend

Here's what you can expect out on the roads this morning.

Sunny Side Up: Should mayor Jackson have to speak about his family’s legal issues?

Vote in our poll.

  Cleveland National Air Show takes flight at Burke Lakefront Airport

The Cleveland skies will be filled with amazing aerobatics from August 31 - Sept. 2.

Sunny Side Up: Are you concerned about police accessing home security cameras?

Ring doorbell now partnering with 400 police agencies across the country, including Rocky River to provide easier access to homeowners’ security cameras.

Commuter Cast: Prepare for closures around stadium for Cleveland Browns last preseason game

Here's what you can expect out on the roads this morning.

  Bond continued in Sandusky for Tier 3 sex offender facing new charges

Darius Knight is accused of luring an 11-year-old girl into his Barker Street home, in Sandusky, and inappropriately touching her.

  Sunny Side Up: Would you pay for an ad-free Facebook?

“A paid-for version of Facebook would be one with zero ads.” - Mark Zuckerberg

  Commuter Cast: Spotty fog causing issues for some drivers

Spotty fog is causing visibility issues for some, especially in the Wooster area.

Trial for man accused of crashing into Uber, killing two passengers set to begin today

The trial for a man accused in a deadly crash, involving an Uber vehicle, is set to begin Tuesday.

Sunny Side Up: Woman who reported dog abuse turns out to be the abuser

Owner of injured dog made up story for free vet care, sheriff says

  Car accident on I-90 EB slowing traffic toward downtown Cleveland

Here’s what you can expect for your drive to work or school.

  Sunny Side Up: Do social media boycotts change your shopping habits?

The show features discussions on trending topics, guests, and more.

  Sunny Side Up: Who is responsible for making sure kids get on and off the school bus?

On Friday’s edition of “Sunny Side Up,” Neeha and Julian will be discussing a mix-up in Stow busing this week that left one student briefly lost and a mother terrified.

  Sunny Side Up: Solving Cleveland’s crossing guard shortage

QOTD: What would you do to solve Cleveland’s crossing guard shortage?

  School crossing guard vacancies still an issue in Cleveland

A school crossing guard shortage is raising concerns in Cleveland.

  Sunny Side Up: Missing school for a mental health day?

A new law in Oregon gives students five mental health days in a three-month period

  Cleveland City Council set to vote on gunshot detection technology

A grant from from the Cleveland Police Foundation would cover the program’s costs.

  Residents continue cleanup in Kent after late-night severe storms

The sound of chainsaws overpowered the chirps of birds Monday morning in Kent following powerful storms.

Sunny Side Up: TSA employee fired after handing a traveler a note that read ‘you ugly’

The video from Greater Rochester International Airport shows the worker handing Neal Strassner the note after he passed through a metal detector.

Multiple Northeast Ohio schools postpone first day of classes due to no electricity

Among the school closings are Ashtabula-area schools and Anton Grdina.

  I-271 reopens in Macedonia after semi-truck carrying vehicles crashes

A semi-truck carrying several vehicles crashed early Friday morning on I-271 in Macedonia.

  Sunny Side Up: Weight loss apps now targeting children?

Would you let your preteen use this weight loss app?

Sunny Side Up: Lack of internet the ultimate vacation disaster?

QOTD: Would you rather be without AC, internet or your credit card on vacation?

  Akron Police searching for suspect after fatal shooting

Akron Police are investigating a double shooting.

  19 Follow Up Files: Cleveland councilman responds to concerns about new LED streetlights

New LED streetlights being installed in Cleveland are sparking debate.

  Sunny Side Up: Ohio’s facial-recognition program raising questions

QOTD: Do you support using facial recognition in Ohio?

Sunny Side Up: Would you send your kid to a birthday party if you had to pay up front?

The hot topic is all over social media.

  Commuter Cast: Ramp reopens after semi truck jack-knifes on I-77 northbound ramp to 480 eastbound

Traffic anchor Jamie Sullivan suggests taking a detour this morning because traffic is only going to get worse.

  Sunny Side Up: Does open carry induce panic?

Are you willing to go over your budget to make sure your kids get the back-to-school gear they want?

  First day of school: CMSD celebrates opening of new Waverly PreK-8 School building

It's a brand-new school year. In the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood, Waverly Pre-K-8 School is in a brand-new building at 1805 W. 57th St.

Sunny Side Up: Breaking the bank for back-to-school shopping?

Are you willing to go over your budget to make sure your kids get the back-to-school gear they want?

Sunny Side Up: More parents considering bullet-resistant backpacks

Pens, hand sanitizer, and a bullet proof backpack? With more parents buying bullet proof backpacks after a wave of mass shootings, should they be added to the back-to-school shopping list?

  Sunny Side Up: Dayton Foundation starts fundraiser to help victims of mass shooting

Donate here

  Commuter Cast for Monday, August 5

Hot and humid with a chance of storms later this evening.

  Sunny Side Up: Dayton no longer hiring people who smoke or vape

QOTD: Fair or unfair?

  Sunny Side Up: LeBron James catching heat for celebration

QOTD: Was LeBron James in the wrong?

  New LED streetlights in Cleveland sparking debate

Some residents feel the upgraded lights are too bright.

Sunny Side Up: Jail time for feeding stray cats?

QOTD: Does the punishment fit the crime?

  Cleveland police arrest teen following early morning chase, shooting

Cleveland Police chased a SUV early Wednesday morning on the city’s East Side.

Sunny Side Up: How low do you keep your air conditioning?

Electric bills in July were sky high.

Commuter Cast for Tuesday, July 30

Here’s a look at what you can expect on your drive to work this morning.

Should Ohio schools have class year round?

The I Promise School in Akron has shorter summers than most to keep kids engaged.

  New ramp closure to come near I-77 for the next 45 days

The Commuter Cast airs each weekday morning after 7 a.m.

  Sunny Side Up: Parents ‘sharenting’ now could cause problems for kids later

QOTD: Are you concerned about child privacy online?

  Officials warning swimmers of dangers in Lake Erie; 2019 could set record for drownings

There were 117 drownings in the Great Lakes in 2018.

  Sunny Side Up: LSU shows off $28 million locker room renovation

Some students think the money would have been better spent elsewhere

  Fans, Berea residents ready for Browns training camp to get underway

“It’s like a game—a college game actually."

  Sunny Side Up: PA school threatens foster care to kids with unpaid lunch debt

The school reportedly turned down a CEO’s recent offer to pay off the debt.

  Sunny Side Up: Should Westlake students who don’t go to public school still be able to use public buses?

The school district says the cost is impractical

  Kenmore leg on I-76 in Akron closed for bridge repairs

Several ramps will be closed through mid-September for bridge repairs:

  Recovery effort set to resume for missing swimmer at Nickel Plate Beach

The Huron Fire Department and other search and rescue teams will return to Nickel Plate Beach Tuesday morning to continue the recovery operations for 29-year-old Brittany Young of Vermilion.

  Flash flooding causes nightmares for residents in Wooster

Flash flooding in parts of Wayne County caused damage and forced residents to evacuate.

  Sunny Side Up: Pennsylvania parents threatened to have children taken away

A Pennsylvania school district is threatening to take away a family’s children.

  Wet roads causing a slick drive for morning commuters

Here’s a look at what you can expect on your drive to work this morning.

Sunny Side Up: Local governments encouraging energy cutbacks during heat wave

QOTD: Is the government overstepping?

  Meals on Wheels stressing communication as extreme heat blankets NE Ohio

Meals on Wheels takes on extra responsibilities when the temperatures rise.

  Sunny Side Up: Beating the heat

QOTD: What are you doing to keep cool?